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A visionary for hope and healing of chronic medical illness.

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Dr. Tomas is a different type of physician.  One of the biggest compliments he gets repeatedly from his patients is that he gives them hope when they have lost hope.  He sees the body differently and helps his patients understand the relationship between symptoms and causes.  He helps them understand that they are stewards of their own health and they play a big role in their healing.  He is an advocate of education and builds a trusting relationship with his patients through trust and honesty.  

Dr. Tomas is a Board Certified Family Physician practicing primary care of the entire family for 20 years. He earned his medical degree at Cordoba National University in Argentina. He completed his Family Medicine Residency and Woman’s Health Fellowship at the University Hospitals of Cleveland. 

His has a wide range of medical experiences in a variety of patient care settings.  His clinical experiences range from street medicine and small non-profit clinics, to mid size community hospitals and top ranked national medical teaching hospitals. His longtime mentor was the founder of the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine. He has spent the last 8 years practicing family medicine in Woodburn, Oregon. 

He believes that the practice of medicine must go beyond diagnosing illnesses and writing prescriptions. He works closely with his patients to understand the timeline of their health and the root cause of their symptoms. His approach is largely educational with a natural and integrative focus that bridges conventional medicine with integrative medicine. He helps empower his patients to become stewards of their own health. His passion for family medicine is more about establishing a patient and doctor relationship, with a foundation of health care over disease care.  

For Dr. Tomas, Direct Primary Care (DPC) is the perfect model to practice medicine and the future of health care.  He spent a year at Township Health DPC with Dr. Rob Rosborough learning about the benefits of direct primary care model prior to opening True Health DPC. 

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