Patient SPOTLIGHT: Delfina M - Eastern Oregon

"I didn't think I would ever be healthy and now I have hope!" - Delfina M.

The story of Delfina is a beautiful one.  She came to us sad, overweight, and hopeless.  Her moment of truth happened on a trip to Mexico in 2018. She could not keep up with her family.  She sat by the fountain sweating, out of breath, and just miserable.  She sat alone watching her family having a great time and simply could not keep up.  At that moment she vowed to get her health back.  She knew she had to do something immediately. 

Delfina was diagnosed as bipolar at the age of 19.  She was over 300 pounds, sugar addicted, depressed, diabetic, and struggled with a myriad of other chronic medical conditions that impacted her physically, emotionally, and socially.  She was taking so many prescriptions she couldn't even remember what they were for, she just kept refilling them and lived life on automatic pilot.  Every doctor gave her a different diagnosis and a different opinion about her health care.  She felt confused and hopeless. 

In May of 2018, her sister-in-law gave her the number of her own physician, Dr. Tomas.  She told her that he was a different kind of doctor following a different type of health care model. Delfina reached out to Dr. Tomas and that was the first step toward getting her health back.  He took the time to learn about her health history and her symptoms.  He talked to her about where she as at physically, mentally, and emotionally.   She learned about why her body was sick and how she could get back on track.  She was 100% committed to her health journey.  But it was not easy.... it was hard word and dedication. Once a month she drove 10 hours to see him and would call, video conference or text when she needed his support.  He put her on individualized health plan and spoke to her honestly about her condition. 

In July of 2018, Dr. Tomas suggested she work with a health coach.  Delfina and Amy Gigena began weekly sessions.  They started with a food journal.  She learned about her moods and her cravings.  She learned how to bring more calm into her life.  She called Amy whenever she needed support.  She worked through all her sugar addictions, one addiction at a time.  Each one surfacing reasons that the sugar addictions controlled her.  Then they worked on setting life goals and finding resources to keep Delfina motivated.  Delfina had support when she felt like giving up and through her work with Amy, she made a lot of discoveries about her self and her habits.

A year later, Delfina is super inspired and motivated.  Quite frankly she is radiant.  She feels better.  She has more energy.  She is down 77 pounds.  She has made so many changes in many aspects of her life and she is even inspired to write a book about conquering being bipolar.  Her relationships are better, she is off her bipolar medications.  She sleeps better and has better self-care tools.  She is no longer diabetic and movement is a part of life.   She even walks faster than her family on walks and they have to tell her to slow down!  She has inspired her whole family and even her co-workers to take their own health journey.  She has asked for accountability and support along the way.   While her journey is not over, she now believes SHE CAN, but she IS doing it.   She has the tools, the resources, and the support by working with a physician and a health coach who focus on building that relationship and maintaining integrative wellness. 

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