MEET AMY | Integrative Health Coach

Amy Gigena, INHC

Amy Magella Gigena is a Health Advocate, Author, and Visionary Consultant. She is a drugless practitioner and board certified as an Integrative Health Coach, with a degree in Psychology.  She ran her own practice, LifeShine Health Coaching, before joining her husband at True Health DPC.  

Once entrenched in the successes of Corporate America, she now follows her own true path through raising four kids and motivating others to find the truest version of themselves. Her own tapestry of life experiences have given her appreciation for the value of personal stories and how each person uses their story to define their perception of self.  

She is the author of the award-winning book, HeartLight, and will be publishing Mama Food Bear's Guide to Healthy, Healthier, Healthiest.  As a Health Coach, Amy is passionate about helping her clients find the balance of mind/body/soul with conscious, clean eating, She values the timeline of a person as a pivotal starting point.  As a speaker, Amy uses storytelling, costumes, coloring masks, and mirror work as tools to give the audience an interactive and emotional experience. Guided by her adventurous spirit, she believes that being true to the authentic self is the ultimate journey in life.  

Amy is also a  mom of four and understands the delicate balance of raising health minded children without the stress and stigma.  She is an advocate that healthy choices should be fun and natural.

A health coach is someone who cheers you on.  Who helps you stay focused on your journey of health.  Who helps guides you to resources so that you stay inspired and educated.  Healthy means different things to different people.  Each person has a story.  Your story is a big part of your health journey.