Abraham Ruiz

We are lucky to have Abraham Ruiz join us at True Health DPC.  He is caring and compassionate.   From taking blood to gathering vitals, his focus is on the patient experience and make sure that every patient feels comfortable.  

Health has been a great factor in his life.  Abraham has worked in the medical field for the last five years.  From interacting with clients at a private clinic to navigating patients through their care in a  larger hospital setting to helping his own family, his many experiences  shape his commitment to health and wellness.  

In addition, Abraham worked with Dr. Tomas for two years.  He saw first hand the value of a patient and doctor connection. He  learned from Dr. Tomas that positivity and happiness are two big factors in feeling healthy.   Our body is meant to heal itself, however, most of us just need a push.  

Abraham believes that giving is a powerful and rewarding experience.  He is excited to give the knowledge of health to the True Health DPC community.