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Stem Cells for Life Online Class

We are incredibly excited to launch the  STEM CELLS FOR LIFE class series in 2020.   It is a series we have been doing 1:1 with patients for last year and kicked off in January as a group online class.  The next class starts are  April, July, and October.  

The focus of the class is learning how to boost your own stem cell production, within your own body, for deep cellular detox, brain health, hormone optimization, pain relief, increased energy, longevity and fat loss.

We are teaching the basics of therapeutic ketosis, fasting, diet variation, and the  magic of autophagy.  It is step-by-step learning with group support and accountability.

The class are  held online using Zoom Online Meetings so you can join us from anywhere. All participants will have access to a private Facebook group to share .

Both Dr. Tomas and Health Coach Amy are certified instructors and have gone through this process several times personally.    The first group class response was amazing!  We are excited to continue to   teach these tools. The response tells us that there is a real interest in adding these types of tools to our health tool box. 

Week 1:  Get off the "blood sugar rollercoaster"

Week 2: Teach your body to become fat adapted

Week 3: Discover your personalized eating window

Week 4: Challenge your mitochondria and tap into subcutaneous fat stores

Week 5: Focus on feast/famine cycling 

Week 6: Five day  fast

Week 7: Feeding your body the right foods


Dietary and therapeutic strategies to enhance the production and utilization of stem cells. 

2020 Class Schedule


Session 1: Tuesday, January 7, 2020 - COMPLETED

We had 40 participants of which most were couple or accountability supports.  It was very cool and so much fun together for the  7 weeks.   Support, accountability,  and recipe sharing.   Plus everyone has a personal story, so lots of celebrating. 


"I am grateful for this experience. I do feel I have tools for life.  I noticed I have not needed my asthma inhaler or allergy meds.  Also, my thyroid is not as pronounced. I am now very mindful of what I am eating.  Sincerely... deep gratitude to Dr. Tomas and Amy."     

"We learned A LOT about the human body, resilience & control."

"I appreciate you guys so much! My husband and I enjoyed the experience and learned so much.  We sailed through the 5 day fast fairly easily.  We plan to do this seasonally.  Weight loss was huge for us.  I lost 34 lbs and my husband lost 26 lbs.  And just overall feeling more energy, less bloated, feeling more dizzy, less bloated, better digestion."

"This has changed my life ."

Session 2: Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Class Time is  5:30-6:30pm.  

All videos are recorded live and posted into the private Facebook group.  

Week 1:  Tuesday, April 14

Week 2:  Tuesday, April 21

Week 3: Tuesday, April 28

Week 4: Tuesday, May 5

Week 5: Tuesday, May 12

Week 6: Tuesday, May 19

Week 7: Tuesday, May 26

Session 3: July 2020

Schedule TBD 

Session 4: October 2020

Schedule TBD


Additional Supplements will be available for Purchase as needed.

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